Dr. Tyson Furr was interviewed by EUROBIZ Japan

“there’s a … lineage of experience and wisdom that gets passed down”

Helping people be happier

Herald Square Psychology Japan opens in Tokyo

“As my therapist was saying to me…” is not a refrain often heard in the restaurants and izakayas of Tokyo. But all that is about to change if Dr Tyson A Furr and his team at Herald Square Psychology have their way.

Having established a successful practice in Herald Square, Manhattan, Dr Furr is bringing to the Japanese capital the open attitude to therapy that New York City is famous for. Herald Square Psychology Japan opened on 1 November, the same day his new practice launched in Long Beach, California, marking the business’ first expansions outside the Big Apple.

While Californians are probably as in love with therapy as New Yorkers are, anything related to psychological issues remains largely taboo in Japan. Furr came to realise the stark difference in attitudes when Japanese clients would fly to New York for therapy and request their appointments be scheduled to avoid the possibility of encountering one of their compatriots at his practice.

“That is going to be one of the biggest challenges — how we communicate that this isn’t a place of mental illness, but that this is a place of guided self-reflection to help you do better in your life and be happier,” says Furr…