Frequently Asked Questions

People come to therapy to make their lives better. It is more objective than talking to or seeking the advice of family and friends, People find they have problems with relationships, work and coping with life. Emotions can become hard to manage and can result in feelings of hopelessness, sadness, anxiety, confusion, or loneliness. It has often been confessed to therapists that, “People from my background say that if you go to therapy you must be crazy.” Of course this is far from the truth, and there is hope.

The doctors at Herald Square Psychology have been trained in scientifically proven therapies to help with diagnoses like anxiety and depression just as effectively as medication, depending on the severity and origin of the depression. There are times when medication is not helpful and fortunately therapy offers additional hope and improvement. Oftentimes, when people find that they get “stuck” in repetitive cycles, therapy/coaching can provide solutions to move past them. In the end EVERYONE can benefit from therapy.

Most often, the problems that people seek therapy for improve very quickly. This is because they are stuck and have come as a last resort. Naturally, all things begin to change when the clients changes… simply by choosing a new way to go about solving their problems.

In contrast to most drugs for depression and anxiety that take 90 days to take effect, clients can expect to find significant relief in the same time frame, with weekly sessions. For example, the PE for PTSD therapy is a 12-week protocol. Likewise, for other scientifically established therapy, the time frame usually extends to the time when the client is ready to continue without additional support.

However, the exact number of sessions can not be determined until after the client is thoroughly assessed and a therapy plan is developed. In fact, many clients find that as their initial problem resolved, a much deeper and rewarding therapy is not only beneficial, but rewarding beyond their original expectations.

We now take Geo Blue (Blue Cross Blue Shield) and Tricare Insurance in Japan.

At Herald Square Psychology we make payment and insurance easy! We have a billing specialist that can find out what your benefits are, come up with payment plans, submit all your charges for you, even run your copays with you having to do anything after a single phone call. Whether we are a provider in your insurance or not, we will let you know the most reasonable payment you can make as your insurance takes care of the majority of the fees! Although not every insurance will provide out-of-network benefits, we will make you the best offer or find the best referral available to help you get your needs met.

At Herald Square Psychology, our doctors are psychologists. That means they have Ph.D.’s in Clinical Psychology and have committed 5+ years of intensive training to provide psychotherapy, psychological assessment and psychological testing. Psychiatrists go to medical school and complete a residency in psychiatry. Psychiatrists can provide psychotherapy and prescribe medications for psychiatric conditions. It is a truth that there is a limit to psychotropic medications and a limit to psychotherapy.

We at Herald Square Psychology are committed to provide the best care possible, and the evidence suggests that often the best outcomes involve therapy and medications. We can help you find a psychiatrist that you trust should you need such a referral.

Your privacy is guaranteed and a matter of law. With very narrow exceptions involving immediate danger to life, injury or abuse of children or the elderly, nothing from your therapy could be revealed to anyone. Also important to note, HIPAA laws also guarantee your records or identifying information could not be transmitted electronically without appropriate safety guards and encryption.

When you first come to Herald Square Psychology, you are given informed consent, fill out the appropriate forms for insurance and payment, and there is a thorough investigation of what brings you to therapy, and comprehensive exam to determine your needs. From there your individual need are treated.

Depending on the task, sessions can be highly structured, problem oriented, and require behavioral assignments to meet a specific goal. Other kinds of sessions are typified by psycho-education, Socratic-questioning, interactive dialogue, interpretation of dreams, and identification or maladaptive patterns of thing, feeling and behavior. Regardless of the format, sessions are typically 45-50 minutes, at least once a week, and require active participation.

We offer a free 15 minute consultation for the first time customer.

About Dr. Furr

Tyson Furr, Ph.D. is the director of Herald Square Psychology in New York City and Tokyo, Japan...
Tyson Furr, PhD